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Why We Love Teaching Textbooks

I was recently given the opportunity to review Teaching Textbooks 3.0 homeschool math curriculum.  I don’t usually do reviews, but this particular curriculum has been such a blessing to our family for so many years AND they were offering you all a chance to win your own subscription, so I simply couldn’t say no!  (Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of this post!) I was compensated for my time preparing this review. All opinions are my own.


In our over 23 years of homeschooling, I can count on one hand the curriculum choices I have consistently recommended over the years.  I have seen many, many curriculum and trends come and go throughout this time. When it comes to teaching core subjects, I don’t want what’s trendy, I want what will encourage my children to master a subject and with as much enjoyment and as little frustration as possible…for them AND for me!

It’s music to this mom’s ears when I hear my kids say things like, “I’m a math whiz” or “…that’s probably because I’m so good at math.”  That child may or may not go on to do something math related for work, but that’s not the point. What’s most important is that he’s experiencing a feeling of confidence when it comes to math so IF he is ever wanting to do anything that involves higher math, he won’t shy away from it. He doesn’t see math as an obstacle, but rather an opportunity.


Many aspects of learning are not necessarily linear, but math is.  What I mean is that it’s essential that our kids learn math incrementally…typically one concept building on another.  I’ve read a lot on child development and have a fair amount of experience having graduated 5 (almost 6) of our 8 kids who homeschooled from the beginning.

One important key in giving our kids a great math experience is that they are being taught concepts that are age appropriate.  If our kids’ brains aren’t developmentally ready for a concept, no amount of drilling is going to make them connect the dots. I love that Teaching Textbooks seems to understand that and teaches to that end.


I love how easy the program is to use. The setup is simple and our kids can move right into learning.  But what if you happen to run into technical issues during setup? TT has excellent customer service! I don’t know about you, but a product only holds half its value if there isn’t great customer service to back it up.

Does your child need extra math help? Through the customer service line, you can set up a conversation with a tutor who will help your child with an area they are struggling with!  For a busy homeschooling mom, THAT feature is priceless!

What other things might a homeschooling moms love about TT?

*No lesson planning

*Self Grading (but I can delete a problem or whole lesson if I feel like my child has not  mastered the concept)

*Customizable wallpapers and math buddies

*I can turn second chances on/off

*Best of all, my kids can learn independently which has resulted in math confidence for THEM!  And isn’t CONFIDENCE half the math battle?

I love to be able to “try before I buy” and TT offers that option by offering a FREE TRIAL

Maybe you’d like to try TT, but don’t know what level to start with?  TT offers a free online placement


*Mobile friendly: Many of us are busy and find ourselves on the run, so having a mobile friendly math program can be a HUGE help!

*Inexpensive online subscription that allows you plenty of time to get through the content (12 months) because we all know life has major interruptions!

*Discounted rates for large families:  When you have a lot of kids (like we do), curriculum can get expensive, so this feature can be a real life saver!!

From one homeschooling mom to another, I invite you to give Teaching Textbooks a try!  You’ll be glad you did! 🙂

(Giveaway has expired)

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