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It’s Perspective. Really It Is.

I got up early this morning and snuck out to the living room.  I lit our fall candles and started a pot of coffee.   Beautiful, isn’t it?

But I need to point something out to you.  If you will look closely on the right bottom of the picture, you can see that the front to one of our coffee table drawers is missing.  And it’s been missing for several months now.  We keep trying to nail it back on and it keeps falling off.

Here’s another one.  My big, easy chair with my Bible and devotional, coffee and muffin ready for me on the end table.

But if you could look behind the chair there is a pile of books and miscellaneous items that need to be organized and put away.

The point is that it would be easy to assume that my living room and my life are perfect.  The internet can be so deceiving.  We can make ourselves look however we want to look.  But the truth is, that not one of us has a perfect life.  We all have our battles to wage, inward and outward.  Our families are not perfect. Our marriages are not perfect.  BUT we can choose to look at the broken part of the table, the organizing that needs to be done OR we can focus on and take in the beauty of the fall decorations and subtle candlelight.

Take a deep breath, moms,  adjust your perspective and  be completely present in this blessed life.

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