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Raising Boys to Men


A Simple, Mercifully Short Book on Raising and Homeschooling Boys

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Quotes From the Book

"There is a lot at stake when it comes to raising the next generation of men. I think this is truer than we realize. We really are in a spiritual battle for the souls of our boys. This should not be taken lightly, but neither should it instill fear that could diminish our efforts. In fact, it should cause us to double down and commit ourselves to the privilege of faithfully raising our sons from boys to men.”

"Our culture is ruthlessly and shamelessly opposed to biblical manhood. It is our job as moms (parents) of boys to protect, disciple, and train them, not according to the standards of the culture that are constantly shifting but according to the good and beautiful intentions of our Creator when He knit

these amazing boys together."

“ Discernment is necessary. God isn’t calling us to raise 'nice guys.' He is calling us to raise warriors and dragon slayers.”

More About The Book

Raising boys in the current cultural climate is challenging. Boys are often misunderstood and misdiagnosed when they are simply doing what their Creator wired them to do. As moms of boys, we can struggle to understand them and respond in a way that will encourage our boys toward the kind of manhood to which God calls them. In Raising Boys to Men, Durenda shares her almost 3 decades of experience raising and homeschooling her 5 boys. She brings wisdom and perspective that will inspire moms to see their sons in a fresh and hopeful way so they can raise the next generation of boys to be courageous men of faith and action.

Early Reader Reviews

"Durenda does it again! This book is full of biblical truths, applicable examples, and humor that moms of boys will appreciate! It’s a wonderful blend of encouragement and wisdom. I can’t wait to read and reread this book through many years of raising a home of boys! God does great work through Durenda and her book. It’s a must-add to your home library!"

- Jenni, Homeschooling Mom of 4 Boys

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