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Are you a mom struggling to connect with God in an incredibly busy, exhausting, lonely season? Have you given up on devotionals because they're either too time- consuming or too shallow?

Let me help! As a mom of eight kids, I can relate. In this devotional, I share what God has so graciously shared with me over the years-timeless truths and their application to marriage, motherhood, and homeschooling. (You can stop here or continue....)

In a world that is becoming increasingly confusing and chaotic, it is imperative that believing moms understand and embrace the unchanging truths of God's Word, learn to discern His voice, and walk in courageous obedience. God wants to use each mom's sphere of influence to shape the next generation for His Kingdom, and it all starts at home.

Unhurried Grace for a Mom's Heart-31 Days in God's Word

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