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Your Impulsive Child: An Unfinished Story

I have found it fascinating to watch other people’s children over the years. I remember being somewhat critical of moms whose children said and did embarrassing things or seemed overly energetic.

I have seen those same children grow up to be wonderful adults who bring the world around them huge blessings. And looking back, it’s easier to put the puzzle pieces together and see how their particular bents were God’s handiwork for His purposes in their lives. That’s not something we necessarily get to see as we are raising them.

I can’t help but think that praying for our children is the overarching effective tool to bring about the maturity and growth they need to become a well-adjusted adult. Let’s face it, without God working in the hearts of our children, there’s not much hope. And yet God uses us, parents, as the common means to bring our children to faith in Him. It seems to be like a sacred tension, and this tension causes us to press into Him for more and more wisdom.

I remember when we had seven very young ones and a close family member basically told us we had a “problem” in our 4-year-old son. Our little guy was a bit hot-headed at times and my husband and I were working with him on it, but this person thought our methods were unsuccessful.

Now this son is a grown man and a favorite of this same person who previously criticized. 

He can still be hot-headed at times, but he has grown in character and has his own walk with God who is graciously growing him.

I say this to encourage you: It is wise to listen and be willing to take counsel and direction, but it's far more important to bring these issues before God. Seek God’s heart in how to raise your children. He knows your children far better than you do. Work out a plan with your husband as well, so there is consistency for your children.

Pray every day for the eyes to see what God might be doing in each of your children so that you can cooperate and work together with Him.

I rarely walk away from conflict confident that I know exactly what He’s doing in my child’s heart. Consequently,  these situations, for me, are usually followed up by asking God to somehow use it to grow that child for their own benefit and God’s glory.

So don’t worry that your child doesn’t fit into the mold, has energy to spare, or is somewhat impulsive.  Although I have found most of these characteristics to be very humbling for me as a mom ( a whole other side benefit and area of growth), they aren’t necessarily the final word when it comes to our children. Their story isn't over yet!

Bring your children to Him and ask for insight. God is so faithful to do the “finishing” in His time and in His way, both in our hearts and theirs!

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