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Waiting Before a New Season Begins

I am merely days, possibly hours away from being a new grandma for the first time.  One minute I was raising eight children, not really even able to imagine life beyond diapers, toddlers, tweens and teens. The next minute I am trying to picture what it will be like watching my little girl go through labor.  Not being able to “kiss the boo-boo” and make it better.

I wonder if I will be able to be an adequate support to each of our children as they move into adulthood and then a support to their spouses and children.  My world just keeps expanding.  Often it feels too big to contain.

It seems like just when I get used to one season, I move into another.  Life is so full of changes and pretty much all of them are beyond my control.

I was feeling all of this very heavily this morning and just asking God to please help me.  Isn’t that really all He wants?  Just for us to come to Him with all of those burdens?  Why am I so SLOW to do that?  Not one time, when I have asked, has God ever failed me and yet I forget.

And so, I asked again.  And God was faithful to speak.  He spoke of stewardship.  Of remembering that nothing is mine.  It all belongs to Him.  To trust Him to help me be faithful to do what’s right all the way to the end.  To taste and see that He is GOOD and He is at work, doing things we never see or know about.

I bring what little I have to offer and HE makes it enough.

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