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Homeschooling Freedom

He started college at 16, so in many senses, that is when he left home. He graduated 5 years later, immediately landed a job, and moved across the country. From 21-25 years old, he worked diligently at his career as a software engineer.

He decided to take a year off and travel the world with just a backpack and some good shoes. He saved up for a year and was soon on his way. His first stop was Australia. Then Covid. He made the best of it, staying for 6 months, experiencing what he could. He bought a motorcycle and took a road trip.

Then he decided to temporarily come and live where most of our family is located: a small town in North Carolina. He’s been here for a few months. He’s spent most of his time outfitting his Jeep with a built-in camping setup he created and constructed from scratch. He has helped his brothers replace a clutch and other broken parts on their cars. He’s spent time just hanging with us.

He’s experienced success in his career that he will go back to soon, but he’s embracing quality of life that many don’t realize they need until they are much older.

And so it often goes with homeschoolers.

When we allow our kids to have experiences and learn through trial and error, they discover at much earlier ages what they are and aren’t passionate about. They know it’s ok to try something without feeling pressured to turn it into a career. They get to experience real-life which is a far superior teacher than sitting in a classroom all day.

As parents, we get to walk alongside them, providing encouragement and some direction as needed without hijacking who God made them. The truth is that God has hard-wired all kids differently and it’s a beautiful thing.

Homeschooling allows us the freedom to let our kids be who God made them to

be without having to conform to every educational or societal trend that comes along.

Homeschooling is about freedom. Never forget that. Recognize what breathes life into your family and what does not. Embrace the uniqueness of your own family culture. Embrace the season that you are currently in, without wishing to be in some other place or time.

You and your kids were made for this time and this place. Enjoy today. Enjoy this moment. Be present.

This is what made me stop and take a picture of these boots. I know they won’t be here much longer, but I’m grateful they are here right now.

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