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Boys Really ARE Different Than Girls

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Today I brought a half dozen kids into town with me.  This now only involves ONE girl, but still 5 boys.  A very different experience than when our older girls were along as well(both are now married).  The only word that comes to mind is “SPAR”.  The definition of this word is  “to train with a real boxer, but not really trying to knock each other out, like a training partner”.  This pretty much describes every interaction in the car ALL afternoon.  As a woman, I find it all quite irritating.  Why can’t we all just get along and be nice?!! Having a houseful of mostly teenage boys,  I once again had to make myself think it all through bearing certain facts in mind.  For instance, boys are NOT wired at all like girls.  Their conquering spirit is pretty much in full gear all the time.  If not for this characteristic, nations would not have been defended or conquered by men who were willing to put their lives at risk.  Not only that, but guys actually bond while wrestling each other in much the same way that we women do talking over a cup of coffee!   THAT would never have crossed my mind!  I  only found this out because I perused a book once called, “The Minds of Boys”.

The Minds of Boys: Saving Our Sons From Falling Behind in School and Life

The other thing I discovered in this book is that researchers did a CAT scan and PET scan of boys’ brains verses girls’ and it showed that the areas of activity were pretty much polar opposite.  What a visual picture that gave me! So when it’s all said and done, as moms, it really is crucial that we keep these differences in the forefront of our minds when dealing with our boys.  I am not saying they shouldn’t learn some manners and a few social graces, but let’s give them the gift of being men by at least trying to understand a few basic things about our differences. Let me just say here that I fail miserably and often, but my feeble attempts seem to be appreciated by our boys.  I think it makes them feel respected.  And that’s a very important thing…boys are all about being respected, even more so than being loved.  That’s also something to bear in mind while interacting with them. The investment you make into your boys’ manhood will come back to you many fold.  As ours are approaching adulthood, I often find them being some of my greatest allies and defenders.  They seem proud to call me “mom” and I pray that will always be true.

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